Y Tú, Brut IPA?

If you follow me on Instagram (@bostonbeerhunter, if you were curious), you can gather from a cursory glance at my pictures that I drink a lot of IPAs.  And most of them, truth be told, fall into the category of that ubiquitous yellow favorite of my home state: the hazy New England IPA (NEIPA).

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Nostalgia as an Advertising Tool

The end of 2018, flooding into 2019, brought media of all kinds tapping into the power of the warm, fuzzy feeling of remembrance. Recently, a Stella Artois commercial starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges on screen reprising their most famous on-screen roles. The popular beer company has received attention surrounding this ad, both for content and message, as they pull attention to the global water crisis.

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Aidan Intemann