Could You Be Our Creative Director?

We believe a Creative Director is an artist, a creator, a storyteller, a strategist and an innovator. We’re looking for our first Creative Director, someone who will work with our clients and fill the creative role on our account teams. The role will go beyond visual creativity and extend to adding inventive perspective to everything we do, whether that’s a campaign, a design project, media pitch, or a piece of social media content.

The Creative Director is a freelance position, though we hope this person can eventually transition into a full-time role, building out and leading the creative arm of Kevin York Communications and managing designers, art directors, copywriters, etc.

The Creative Director should be an idea person - big ideas, small ideas, even crazy ideas are encouraged. You should have a knack for making concepts easy to understand and introducing them to audiences in a meaningful, memorable way through all communication channels.

What we’re looking for:

  • Experience. And we’re not only talking about job titles, dates and pieces of paper with letterpress and foil-stamped designs; we’re talking about experience - what makes you, well, you. Your character, your perspective and your background all are part of what makes you a creative.
  • Leadership. We are looking to add a creative thought leader to our team. In this role, the Creative Director will lead our clients utilizing unique perspectives & creative strategy. And if all goes well, we envision you building and leading our team of creatives. It's important this candidate has the people management skills to nurture the creatives to grow both individually and together into a strong team.
  • Organization. Our Creative Director should be very organized and able to organize their thoughts and ideas, both internally and externally with clients.
  • An understanding of technology and digital media. The media environment changes quickly. You should have your finger on the pulse, embracing these changes and helping us figure out how and when to use them with clients.
  • Collaboration. We’re much stronger as a unit than we are as individuals.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude. We’re a startup. We work with startups. We’re looking for someone who has an “I want to build something amazing” attitude with a willingness to get their hands dirty. Our Creative Director should be willing to build a team, build a practice, execute client work and pursue new business.
  • Graphic design, interactive design, experiential design, web design, art/illustration, copywriting, iconography, logo/identity creation, navigation. We don’t require you to have skills in all of these fields, but you must have experience in some of these areas and a working knowledge of most of them. You’ll be responsible for hiring and managing other freelancers in any areas where you don’t have expertise.

Hours will vary based on size of accounts and account wins (which you’ll hopefully be a part of). Initially, the Creative Director position will require a few hours a week; however, we’re looking for someone who is interested in investing themselves into the company, helping Kevin York Communications grow to the point that this role becomes full-time.

Preference will be given to Boston area candidates, but location is flexible.

To apply for the Creative Director position, please send an email to Jobs[at]KevinYorkComms[dot]com. Your email should include links to your LinkedIn profile and an online portfolio of creative work.

In your email, please tell us a bit about yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Why would you be the ideal Creative Director at Kevin York Communications?
  • How do you define communications?
  • What project would you consider to be the most significant accomplishment in your career to date? Please give a detailed overview of the accomplishment.