We’re Looking for a Communications Strategist to Join our Team


Kevin York Communications is a progressive, growing, employee-focused agency. We value creativity and unconventional thinking. Connecting brands with their audiences is tough with all the noise out there. We work hard to find solutions. We think originally. We work together. We challenge each other. And we have fun.

Want to join us and change how brands communicate?

KYC is looking for an ambitious, entrepreneurial comms pro to join us as an account lead and strategist. This person will become a senior leader within the company and play a vital role in its overall growth and success.

When we look for new teammates, quality matters more than quantity. Years of experience don’t necessarily show that you have the skills, traits and attributes we’re looking for, which is why you won’t see a requirement for a certain number of years of experience anywhere in this post. The quality of your experience is what really counts in our book.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Leadership - We want someone who’s capable of leading accounts and mentoring younger staff. Either you’ve done it before officially, or done it ‘unofficially’ by handling all the tasks without the fancy title.
  • Strategic Thinking - We’re looking for someone who can understand our clients’ challenges and come up with thoughtful and creative approaches to solving them -- whether the solution includes owned content, social media, video or something really, really cool we haven’t even thought about.
  • Social Media/Content Savviness - It’s a digital world we live in. You should understand this digital world and the tools we use to market in it. We want someone who’s capable of managing a social media or content program.
  • Writing Skills - Everything we do involves writing. You must be an excellent writer and be able to show it.
  • Creativity - Bring ideas to the table. We’re not a traditional PR agency, so your approach to comms shouldn’t be either.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - We’re a small but growing agency. We want someone who wants to help us grow and leave their mark on KYC, and our clients, in the process.

If those requirements sound broad, well, they are - intentionally. Maybe your background is in social media or email marketing or advertising. All could appeal to us. We’d rather not look for a “type” and instead find the right person who can join our team, make an impact and contribute to our growth. We’ll tailor the position for the person.

Job title is negotiable and will be determined based on experience. Preference will be given to candidates living in the Boston and San Francisco Bay areas.

To apply:

Please send an email to Jobs@KevinYorkComms.com. Your email should include a link to your LinkedIn profile, information about yourself, and answers to the following questions:

  1. Why would you be an ideal leader and strategist for Kevin York Communications?
  2. How do you define communications?
  3. What would you consider to be your most significant career accomplishment? Please give a detailed overview of the accomplishment.
  4. Tell us how you would manage a social media program for a client.

About Kevin York Communications

We are a nimble, creative communications agency based in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients come from many fields across the tech, consumer, lifestyle and nonprofit industries. But one thing they all have in common is that they are leaders in their respective fields, driven by visionaries, pioneers, and passionate entrepreneurs.

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