Friday Takes - Friday, July 1, 2016

Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.

Takes For Your Comms Program

A Picture Is Worth... - apparently the plural for emoji is also emoji. How many times have you heard someone say emojis? Now you can correct them. Oh, and Twitter is now using emoji for ad targeting. That’s multiple emoji, not just one they’re using for ads. We know it could be confusing. Sure, not for everyone, but may be a fit for some brands.

Stick’em - in a move that may not actually connect with users, Twitter will also soon let people add stickers to their photos. These stickers will be searchable and, Twitter hopes, a future source of advertising revenue. Early user feedback is unimpressive. Chalk this up as an attempt by Twitter to be ‘cooler’ and seen more in the vein of Snapchat. Note to Twitter - you’re not Snapchat.

Friends And Family Discount - the newsfeed algorithm is changing yet again at Facebook. The social networking giant will now put more emphasis on content from your friends and family. That means content from brands and publishers may now feature less prominently in your newsfeed. Engagement, especially shares, becomes that much more important because it will drive your content up in follower’s newsfeeds.

Customers Hold The Knowledge - Yelp launched Yelp Knowledge, a new program to give businesses access to historical local analytics and insights. The new program could be helpful to both local and national businesses.


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

It's An Ambush! - the United States Olympic Committee has liberalized its rule 40 dictating what sponsoring brands and non-official sponsors can and can’t do. There previously was a marketing blackout during the Olympics for brands who sponsor athletes instead of the event. However, what’s now allowed vs. not allowed for those brands sponsoring an athlete but not the games seems murky. Call it the wild, wild west. We foresee lots of ambush marketing attempts and lots of anger from ‘official’ Olympic sponsors.

Squad's All Here - you can now customize your Converse Chuck Taylors with your favorite DC Comic supervillains, like the Joker, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn. Just in time for the new Suicide Squad movie. What a coincidence...they’re all featured in that movie.

Colors Of The Rainbow - in your Starbucks cup, that is. The popularity of Pink Drink continues to soar, so much so that there’s now Purple Drink, Green Drink, etc. Photos of these off-menu drinks are taking over Instagram.

Ch-ch-ch-changes - IBT Media, which owns International Business Times, Newsweek, Medical Daily, iDigital Times, Fashion Times, and the Latin Times, announced a ‘restructuring’. Dozens of IBT journalists were let go this week as part of that corporate restructuring. IBT will split Newsweek “into a separate operational entity” from its other brands, while the others move into a more integrated structure.

Enough Already! - tired of the seemingly endless political talk regarding the presidential election? Time Magazine has released a 99% politics-free issue with a cover that touts ‘240 reasons to celebrate America right now’.

And Finally, Time For A Drink - not at all newsworthy, but interesting as we head into a long weekend that falls on one of the ‘booziest days of the year’ (really - highly scientific studies say so…), ad agency execs share their go-to summer drink. What’s astonishing is that the list is made up entirely of cocktails. Digiday couldn’t find someone who likes a good session beer?