Friday Takes - Friday, July 15, 2016

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Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.

Takes For Your Comms Program

You’re Such A Square - more and more brands are using square 1:1 ratio videos on Facebook, rather than the 16:9 aspect ratio videos used for TV ads. Facebook even updated its creative guidelines to urge brands to use the square size, a better fit for mobile. This change has been pushed forward even more by Instagram and its square photos and videos.

Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

Chasing Eevees...And Dollars - real-life/digital-life app Pokemon Go has been all the rage this week (perhaps you’ve heard of it since it’s been covered by what seems like every single media outlet), but aside from the company who created the game, did you know how many are making money off of it?

Who Needs Cable? - following live-streaming deals for NFL Thursday Night Football, Wimbledon, Bloomberg, and CBS News for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Twitter signed a deal to live-stream Pac-12 collegiate sports.

Speaking Of Streaming… - the Republican and Democratic conventions will be live-streamed on Facebook Live by C-SPAN.

What’s In A Name? - of an Instagram filter that is. The Instagram CEO explains how those filters are named.

What Did We Create? - Facebook’s intent with Facebook Live was much different than how users have been using it. Recent violent videos highlight how the company’s view of its platform differs from what it really is.

no capital letters here - Mastercard completed a rebrand, launching a more modern visual look and style. The interlocking circles are still part of the logo, but ‘MasterCard’ is now ‘mastercard’. No capital letters anymore as the company wanted to de-emphasize ‘card’ since payment systems besides the credit card are now part of their offering.