Friday Takes - Friday, July 22

Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

Please Provide Proper Identification - Twitter announced an application process for accounts to receive verified status. It's a fairly easy, non time consuming process, so something brands should look into.

Calls On Snapchat? - while most companies are experimenting with Snapchat using geo-filters or branded lenses, Birchbox has taken a different route, testing the platform’s video and voice calling features. Though overlooked by most Snapchat users, these features open up new opportunities for brands to offer more personality to consumers, like through customer service.


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

Media Strikes Back - on Wednesday, the Financial Times started blanking out a percentage of words in articles for some users. The move is a symbolization of the amount of revenue that the company receives from advertising and a counterstrike against ad blockers. A very creative approach to a problem all publishers are experiencing.

Regular TV? Really? - according to a survey, millennial women plan to watch the upcoming Olympics on TV rather than on any streaming platforms. Guess the Games will still be a ratings goldmine for NBC.

A Platform For Harassment? - should Twitter be doing more to take steps to end the harassment that occurs on the platform? An inside look at how the company has tried to deal with this problem, including the recent attacks on Ghostbusters and SNL star, Leslie Jones.