Friday Takes - July 29, 2016

Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

Get Your Cut - Tumblr bloggers will now be able to make money off their blogs as the company gives bloggers a cut of those ad sales. What does that mean for brands? A bigger reach, potentially up to 550 million, the number of monthly users that Tumblr reports.

A Package Tells A Story - have to admit, when we first saw the new Kashi redesigned boxes, they seemed either amateurish or a little bit old school. But now looking at them again, they’ve grown on us. They actually align quite well with the organic brand’s values, stripping everything away except the food itself and the people who make it. Many brands don’t think to tell a story with their packaging, but more should.

Is That An Ad...On Reddit? - sort of. In August, Reddit will debut a new ad offering called Promoted User Posts. This advertising works a bit different than traditional social ads though. Marketers can sponsor user-generated posts on the platform. Of course, the person who created the post will have to give permission for a brand to use it, but this is a more organic form of advertising than we’ve seen before that taps into the Reddit culture more than traditional push advertising.


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

Another Cold Summer - no, not the temperature, but rather that bucket of ice water you’re dumping on your head. After a breakthrough was made possible from the funds raised in 2014 after the original #IceBucketChallenge, the challenge is once again trending. The research breakthrough provided a good opportunity for the ALS Foundation to revisit an activity that people really enjoyed and brought a lot of awareness.

I See What You Did There - as the new owners of the Washington, D.C., Watergate Hotel (yes, that Watergate) were finishing up its renovation, they decided to incorporate the building’s history into its marketing. Not over the top, but in smart, subtle ways. The hotel’s main phone number? 844-617-1972 (if you remove the area code, it’s the date the Watergate burglars were arrested). Room key cards are printed with “No Need to Break In.”, while pencils in each room say, “I Stole Stole This from the Watergate Hotel.” Oh, and the music in the hotel restaurant’s restroom? Excerpts from Nixon’s Oval Office tapes.

Eh, It Was A Good Quarter - huge understatement, Zucks. Facebook just had its best quarter ever, driven largely by growth in ad revenue, with profits of $2 billion.

Happy Birthday To You… - a thorough analysis of birthdays on Facebook and the business that goes with them.