Friday Takes - Friday, August 5, 2016

Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

Snap-Marketing: In an effort to improve marketing efforts for brands on Snapchat, the new memories feature on Snapchat provides more versatility and options to create a dynamic story. You can even upload pre-made graphics with your own branded content. Gone are the days of the 10 seconds and never see you again photos!

Pokemon Go Hits Another Home Run: The Pokemon trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, more and more businesses are jumping on board to register their location as an official PokeStop. Not only can you improve your social media engagement by encouraging your audience to play at your establishment, but it could potentially literally bring them to your business’s doorstep to fight their next Pokebattle. Bravo Pokemon creators.

Your Phone is Now a Geo-locator for In-store Marketing: Two companies (Gimball and Swirl) have designed tools for marketers that provide location and proximity intelligence to help tailor push notifications to shoppers. Though this could seem like Big Brother, the data sets and real-time consumer engagement the tools provide are certainly a step-up in consumer personalization.

We’ve All Heard of It: Yep, Influencer Marketing. Over the past few years this trend has skyrocketed. It’s no longer just an afterthought meant for small businesses, but a necessity for any business - big or small, new or prominent. This article provides some easy-to-follow steps on how to get it started and to do it right.

On That Note… The summer Olympics start today in Rio (in case you hadn’t heard)! For brands and agencies that haven’t paid millions of dollars to be official sponsors, using this event as a marketing tactic and even mentioning certain terms or phrases in social posts is a no-go. So, here’s the workaround. Use individual influencers and/or other brands and strategic messaging to get your audience engaged, no matter the topic; because this event isn’t just about the sports, it’s about culture and lifestyle too.


Culture, Entertainment and Media

Pikachus Run Rampant in Basel, Switzerland: This city is truly using a current event, trend, phenomenon, to its advantage. With 49 million views and counting, this viral video promoting the city of Basel has epically turned location advertising into a real-life Pokemon Go player’s fantasy. The marketers behind the idea hoped to entice a younger population of tourists to the city, but the reactions and results of the video have surpassed what they’d expected.

Music Biz & The Royalties Controversy: The Justice Department announced on Thursday that it decided against making changes to the regulatory agreements that govern music licensing and payment of royalties to songwriters, musicians, and music publishers. This article gives the 411 on the situation and what it means for artists and the industry moving forward.

Just Wow! The Future is Coming: China is testing out its first ever elevated transit bus. A futuristic transit bus called TEB-1 that rides above traffic. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it will help alleviate heavy traffic congestion in big cities. The bus is far from actual real-world implementation, but foreign interest is already high. Though the engineering behind this is incredible, the thought of seeing that thing coming towards us in the rear-view mirror may be just a bit scary.  

Vacationer or Remote Worker Must Read: Daydreaming of the next destination is always on high overload since we’re an agency that promotes the “work from anywhere” vibe. The best weather locations highlighted in this article are now on our must visit list.   

Don’t Miss a Beat: Are you as excited as we are about the 2016 Olympics?! Well here’s the must follow storylines of this year’s event. From likely retiring Olympians to the ever present Zika virus, coverage of the games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is sure to be eventful.