Friday Takes - August 12, 2016

Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

There’s Molding Ham In My Croissant - fast-food chain Jack-in-the-Box receives over 25,000 comments and posts like this a month. Well, hopefully not exactly like that. This article analyzes how they approach customer service after closing call centers and moving all service online, as well as how they try and turn those service instances into evergreen relationships with customers. We don’t all get that many comments, but it’s a good look at how to handle online service in general. A big key is having internal processes and protocol, not just a platform.

Replace A Backsplash In A Snap - Lowe’s is using Snapchat to take DIY videos to the next level of entertainment. Rather than simply releasing a video showing how to replace a backsplash, Lowe’s is using Snapchat to involve viewers in the process, having them tap nails, push a saw or apply tiles with their thumbs. While the short videos may be too simplistic to adequately show someone how to do a home improvement project, the approach the brand uses with social content is sound - “it’s all about inspiring, instructing, informing and entertaining plus utility”.

More! We Want More! - Snapchat is expanding its ad-tech pilot two months into the program, now inviting more advertisers to pay for a video ad appearing between stories.

Shhhhhh….Don’t Tell - no! You do have to tell! One in four influencers have revealed that brands have asked them not to disclose a paid relationship. That’s an FTC violation, folks. You must disclose paid relationships with any influencers, and free product is considered a paid relationship. Understand the guidelines before you start doing influencer marketing. And if you have have questions - ask someone who knows, like us!

In - Instagram Stories; Out - Snapchat (?) - Instagram’s new Stories feature is already getting rave reviews from brands. The functionality, a direct rip-off of Snapchat, is driving better results for brands than Snapchat, partially due to a larger audience and partially due to Instagram’s more catering attitude toward brands. Already featuring easier search and better engagement tracking, Instagram might be instilling a little fear in Snapchat with these early Stories results.

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! - Pinterest advertisers can now bid on cost-per-impression through an auction to set prices. Brands were already able to purchase ads based on cost-per-click and cost-per-engagement through the auction. Previously CPM ads were listed at fixed prices.


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

Third Rate - that’s what NBC News/MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is, at least according to Donald Trump. The third rate reporter gives her perspective about media life on the campaign trail, dodging insults from the Republican presidential nominee, and her Secret Service escort after a rally crowd turned on her.

#PhelpsFace - USA Swimming is using social media to drive deeper awareness and interest in the sports and its athletes.

The Every 4 Year Games, Spherical Necklaces Made Of Precious Metals, And That City In The South American Country Known For Soccer - most in marketing are now aware that they can’t reference certain terms in their marketing materials while a certain every four year athletic competition is happening. But where did those stringent rules come from? Turns out we can blame Nike and Michael Johnson’s golden shoes from 1996.

Soulful Hype Video - Chance the Rapper took a different approach to his hype video for the USA Basketball team, using a soulful, Star Spangled Banner inspired tune instead of a more traditional upbeat sound frequently found in hype videos. It works, but not as well as this one from 2008. That one...goosebumps.

Old Tweets Die Hard - a surprisingly long and deep examination of Donald Trump’s tweets from 2012 to try and piece together how he formed the Twitter strategy (strategy? can we call it that? Guess so) he’s used during the presidential election.