Friday Takes - Friday, August 19, 2016


Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

Hangouts On Air Moving to YouTube Live: Set your calendars! Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live on September 12. Here are some tips and features to get you settled into the transition. Don’t fret, the capabilities are much the same, but with more options now.

Influencer Marketing Hott Mess: Everyone’s doing it, but how is the issue. With so many startup vendors, aiming to connect brands and influencers, continuing to pop-up everywhere, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Full-stack capabilities and standardized payment methods are just a couple of the functionalities to assess when making your choice.  

Twitter Quality Filter - Old Stuff Better than New?: Twitter announced it’s rolling out two new features: the ability to limit the notifications you receive so that they only come from people you follow, and a “Quality Filter.” Though the filter sounds like it will help limit some of the ‘crap’ tweets in your feed, this article makes a good point - unless Twitter is “able to adapt its filter to the speed at which its own community adopts certain language and practices, it could very well become just as irrelevant.”

Facebook Live - It Can Work for Your Event Too!: Have you been just as crazy about tuning into the Olympic Games as we have? News and entertainment publishers have used Facebook Live to bring their audiences right into the games with them. Of course, the Olympics are much different (and much bigger) than your event, but Facebook Live should be considered as a communications tactic for any event, big or small.

The Updates Keep Rolling In - Pinterest: Talk about listening to your audience! Pinterest has released 3 new features inspired by feedback from its users. You can now easily message or send a pin to anyone, even if you’re not following each other, and by whatever avenue you want (text, Facebook messenger, etc.). And finally, you can customize what you see in your feed by a simple click of a button.


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

The Olympics Aren’t Just About the Athletes: Take a look at this list of top brand winners and losers of the Rio Olympics! Winner - Simone Biles and her sponsor brands - can’t say we couldn’t see this one coming. Loser - NBC and its commentators - yeah, saw that one coming too.

Jumping On the App Bandwagon Just Doesn’t Pay Off Sometimes: After two years and lots of funding, the NYT Now Mobile App has been shut down. In the days of freemium apps and social media giants, it’s hard to convince an audience to pay, even if the content may be worth the price.

Is Summer Over Yet? 7 Must Take Trips to Make This Fall: Of course this is one of our favorite kinds of articles (I mean, isn’t it everyone's?). This list not only highlights some excellent destinations, but keeps your budget in mind. Booking flight now.