Friday Takes - Friday, August 26, 2016



Some hot, some not, a round-up of everything in the marketing/comms world that left a mark on us this week.


Takes For Your Comms Program

It’s About Time!: LinkedIn has finally added a post search option which allows users to type in relevant keywords and hashtags to find new and old articles. It’s interesting how much all the major social media platforms are beginning to have the same functionalities (i.e. Instagram stories, Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat Memories, etc.). Given that though, we’re giving this LinkedIn upgrade a stamp of approval.

Pocket Broadcasting...the New Pocket Dial: Facebook has made it even easier for users to start live streaming events and the everyday happenings of life by adding a “Live” button front and center as a publishing option. Whether this will play out good or bad for brands and regular people alike, Facebook Live is already on the rise.

And Another ‘Touch of a Button’ Improvement: Instagram users have started using the ‘contact’ button under business/brand accounts as a customer service tool to resolve inquiries from shipment info to special product info. The button makes it a smoother process for customers to get in touch by making sure everything is in one place and users don’t have to venture out of Instagram.” While this is a nice option for customer service some say there is still room for improvement with the feature.

Mooovin on Up!: The Snapchat user base just keeps growing and growing. While millennials remain, and will continue to be, the largest share of its users (at 70%), the app will only continue to grow in popularity among other age groups over the next few years. Not so surprisingly, the Snapchat audience is projected to grow by double-digit numbers in the next two years!

Ads for the Average Geek: Imgur, a social platform for images and GIFs, has introduced ads called promoted posts, that are inserted into Imgur users' content streams and can include video that plays in the posts. With 87% of its users classified as nerdy male millennials, Imgur is giving brands the opportunity to market to the “lost boys” of the internet, as they’ve branded this geeky guy market. Talk about niche advertising!


Culture, Entertainment and Media Takes

The Money in Video: As video publishing on Facebook continues to grow substantially, publishers are worried about the restrictions that the app may eventually bring. Media companies are making big money by producing and distributing videos paid for by advertisers on the platform. With Facebook’s reputation of changing its policy as it goes, many publishers fear that a slight change in API or business rules could massively disrupt their revenue stream.

The Facebook Stalker?: Yes, Facebook stalks us all, or at least our search preferences. The Ringer staff took a look a look at just how accurate, or inaccurate should we say, the Facebook ad-targeting capability is. With the app’s update on the ad-preferences page, users can now more easily see what it is that Facebook thinks we’re interested in. And on that note, you can now also limit just how much Facebook gets to track as well.

Weather...the Demise of Pokemon Go: The ever increasing popularity of Pokemon Go has finally started to see a shift in a downward movement. Could it be the app’s buggy deficiencies, data overage charges, or even the fact that users never got to see a Snorlax after catching their millionth Pidgey? Possibly. But some are saying overbearing heat and unrelenting rain are the real culprits.