It’s All in the Timing: How to Effectively Reach Your Audience

If you ask someone how their day is going, the most common response you’ll receive is “busy.”

It is a pretty accurate summation of how many in society feel. Despite great technological advances, there remains the expectation to multitask and accomplish everything listed on the growing to-do list as soon as possible.

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you that your audience has just as little time as you do. If this is the case, how do you know you’re getting the maximum reach on your social media or email campaigns?

Gone are the days of a social feed that appears in chronological order. Algorithms dictate what is relevant and what deserves to be prioritized. While algorithms can be useful, they often present a challenge to marketers seeking to increase content awareness organically.

Fortunately, you can determine how to achieve the maximum reach for content by knowing who your audience is. Thanks to built-in analytic software on most social platforms, marketers can review information about followers to help increase the likelihood of success, such as knowing the times that followers are most active and their geographic location.

As an example, say the majority of your audience resides in the West Coast of the United States and peak activity generally occurs at noon and 6 p.m. Given this information, you know posting at either of those times will produce a greater chance of your post being viewed by the most people. Knowing the geographic location of your audience is also important, especially if you work in a different time zone than where your followers are located.

The same principles apply to email campaigns, if you know where and when your audience is active, you’ll have a more effective impact.

Although challenging at times, the science behind larger audience awareness is simple: know your audience and know your industry. No two organizations are exactly alike, so what works for one may not be as effective for the other. Understanding your industry is an invaluable asset in reaching those who follow you.

And lastly, experiment. Algorithms are constantly changing, so feel free to experiment with different days and times to determine the best opportunity to publish content.

Remember, it’s all in the timing.