Quite Possibly The Easiest Way To Create Content

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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”
— Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Cliché? Yes. Accurate? Even more so.
It’s incredible to think that the easiest way to create content is often overlooked by many. This video reminded me how important it is to create content that’s meaningful to your audience by living in the moment. The concept is documenting vs. creating - but how easy is it really?
As an expert in your industry, it only makes sense that you know your audience better than anyone else. What do they want to see or hear? Who do they want the message to come from? Being able to answer these questions is critical to your success in utilizing documentation to spread your message or awareness of your brand.
Some of these are very specific to certain industries and likely won’t work across them all - however, here are a few quick tips for capturing “living in the moment” opportunities that you can use for content:

  • Snap some selfies (if you’re the actual face of your business) or group shots with employees with a relevant brand message
  • Document comments and/or testimonials from your employees, coworkers, or customers (with their permission)
  • Film a video or photos of the surroundings you’re in - especially if this is a new location for you or your audience -  thinking significant landmarks or panoramic shots here
  • Show “behind the scenes” videos, pictures, and content
  • Snap random, but relevant, generic pictures that you can utilize at a later time
  • Take notes on things that are happening around you that you can expand upon in a later blog post or directly to your social accounts

Of course, I suggest these with the thought that you’ll use common sense for most situations. Unless you’re purposely using a “live video” function, it’s important to take a step back and assess the content you have just developed before publishing to your audience. Look through it critically to make sure it’s aligned to your brand and represents your message accurately.
What’s the best way to determine if the content you’re putting out is sending the right message to your audience? Just think of what you’d like to see. You should be your own best audience - don’t overthink it and try to capture that moment you’re in.


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