Creating a Great User Experience: Amazon's Lessons in Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most lucrative methods of reaching a wide audience. While certain demographics listen more closely across other platforms, email remains to be a powerful method to reach a full market. Throughout the past four years, since the launch of Prime, Amazon has taken control of the e-commerce world, and its email marketing is one of its strongest tools. Operationally, it has its business down to a science, but that means nothing if word doesn’t spread to its consumers.

Amazon has three key components to its email campaigns that are unique to it. Each of these components are easily replicable, and polish the user’s experience when reading the email. Simple steps like these can make the difference between an automatic delete and an active read.

The first takeaway is making the transition from the in-browser email interface to the website as smooth as possible. Amazon has perfected this with its format, and created a hyperlink to allow an item to be added to the cart directly from the email. That’s a more advanced version. To scale back, it’s as simple as adding in a hyperlink to something in a longer form on the website. Users want something seamless and easy to use. Streamlining their process will offer more inclination to read these emails.

The second takeaway is repetition. Amazon will rarely stop suggesting an item after just one marketing email. While this may seem aggressive or unnecessary, it proves to work. Showing repeated, targeted email content to consumers increases their familiarity with products, and allows more opportunities to find value in products. By increasing the customer’s exposure, there is a higher likelihood of conversion.

The final takeaway comes from the formatting and copy written within Amazon’s emails. It is all very simple, and easy to get through. It has fully embraced the minimalist trend, which is not applicable for many companies, but there are principles within this method that can still be deemed valuable. Amazon is good at adding no unnecessary information and keeping in-email text concise. The user knows that the information given will be important and they aren’t wasting time getting through menial details. The design of email marketing campaigns is also key. The human eye must be able to easily go through the full email without getting distracted from the main point.

Email marketing has the potential to reach more people than other online marketing platforms, and it’s important to make sure that marketing tool is being optimized. Just a few simple tricks, as taught by Amazon, can make a difference.