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Creating a Great User Experience: Amazon's Lessons in Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most lucrative methods of reaching a wide audience. While certain demographics listen more closely across other platforms, email remains to be a powerful method to reach a full market. Throughout the past four years, since the launch of Prime, Amazon has taken control of the e-commerce world, and its email marketing is one of its strongest tools. Operationally, it has its business down to a science, but that means nothing if word doesn’t spread to its consumers.

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Social Media is Meant to be Social

Social Media is a powerful tool to disperse information, but might have lost the first part of its name when used for business. At the root of what social media was designed for is conversation. People interacting with people, which has always been part of the charm that attracted users to business profiles on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. A folly of businesses in this era of social media being increasingly more prevalent in marketing is turning social media into a one-way communication stream, rather than a two-way conversation.

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