Consumed This Week - 12.08.17

WORDS.  “And it occurred to him that almost everything of note that had ever happened in his life - good or bad - had been set in motion the morning he first crossed paths with Emma Gould.” I recently started reading the book Live By Night by Dennis Lehane. This line is in the opening paragraph and is a smart way to start the book. Everything that happens can be linked back to the main character’s meeting with Emma Gould. Really liking the book so far.

SIGHTS.  Holiday plots. Over and over and over. We’re deep into the holiday movies that run on the Hallmark Channel each year. My wife and I occasionally turn one on in the background while we’re doing other things around the house. We’ve noticed that there are really only about three plots used in these movies. They just change actors, locations, and minor details. After about ten minutes, you know what’s going to happen throughout the rest of each movie.

SOUNDS.  Groans. The men’s basketball team of my alma mater, Valparaiso University, began its season with an 8-0 start. This raised hopes among alums that maybe this would be a special year, even though they played less than stellar competition in those first eight games. Earlier this week they played ranked Purdue, which would give better insight into how good they may actually be. After getting blasted by 30 points, groans were heard far and wide among Valpo alumni.

TASTES.  Nostalgia. While recently visiting my parents and family in Indiana to celebrate Christmas together, we got takeout from Hacienda one night. It’s the Mexican restaurant that we always had when I was growing up, which I now realize after expanding my tastes was actually Tex-Mex. Regardless, whenever I have their food it always brings me back to my childhood, especially their chips and salsa. The chips are really good - thin, crispy, and salty. The salsa isn’t anything special. It’s much more mild than I prefer now. More tomato flavor than spice, but I still enjoy it from time to time.