How to Extend the Momentum After Company Announcements & Product Launches

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A few weeks ago, I posted about how to handle company announcements and product launches on your social media channels. But what happens once the big event has come and gone? How you sustain conversation about your news or new product directly correlates to your long-term success. Your pre-launch efforts worked to create a flurry of buzz and excitement. Now it’s time to transition that buzz into brand loyalty.

Some of the tactics you used to build buzz pre-launch should carry over into your post-launch strategy. Continue to use relevant hashtags and make your posts appealing and easily shareable. Help your audience help you by making it easy and fun to share your posts. The math is simple. The more people sharing your posts equals more people seeing your posts.

During the pre-launch phase, the focus is more on giving your audience information to drive excitement about your news or new product. As you transition to your post-launch phase, you need to switch your focus to interacting with your audience. Get involved with conversations online so a true two-way dialogue is formed. Answer questions, respond to mentions and comments, highlight customers by reposting their favorable posts. Make it loud and clear you are listening and paying attention.

The goal is to take the excitement you generated before the launch and use it to build relationships with your audience. Attentiveness is one of the major components in building brand loyalists. Your audience wants to see that you aren't just pushing content at them, but you're listening and talking with them.

Google Alerts is a fantastic and free tool that will help you monitor the mentions and comments about your company and products online. Make sure it is set up and you keep a close eye on it. Google Alerts is best for catching media, forum and blog mentions.

There are a ton of paid and free tools available to track social media conversations. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Sprinklr are a few of many (this feature does a nice job of comparing and reviewing all of them to help you determine the best for you). Most allow you to set up streams to track keyword or account mentions. This helps you easily see when your brand or relevant keywords are mentioned, so you can create a response, if necessary.

While social media platforms give you more of a conversational interaction with your audience, your blog posts and email newsletters are also important platforms to continue talking about your news or new product. You probably want to dial it back from your pre-launch strategy, but dive deeper into certain components of a launch or announcement, or highlight your customer’s positive feedback. Think of ways to extend the conversation, as if you're talking with current customers rather than prospects. This gives people new information and doesn't make it seem as if you just keep shouting "new product!".

If you consistently (are you sick of that word yet?) work on your post-launch efforts, you’ll have a bigger and more loyal audience to help you when you are ready to do it all over again!


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