Consumed This Week - 11.20.17

WORDS.  “Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all”. I enjoy quotes of all kinds, but for some reason this one really spoke to me. Not only can this apply to our personal lives - as we all experience ebbs and flows - but it can also apply to our professional lives. Whether it’s analyzing your current job, career path, or strategic plan, all of our choices should be re-evaluated frequently to make sure we are optimizing our time for success.To me, enjoying our personal and professional lives is what’s most important and the true determinant of our success.

SIGHTS. CrossFit Class. Ok hear me out before you roll your eyes. Yes, I’m obsessed with fitness and working out but this has a different angle. The other day during a workout I was able to witness pure, selfless teamwork. While CrossFit really is about the community and building a bond with others around you, this was something special. Being able to watch two people work together, really work together, helping out while the other was struggling, was so cool to watch. This gives me hope that actions like this can be passed on into other aspects of daily life.

SOUNDS. Christmas Music. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas music is here. It’s on several radio stations nonstop. I’m fine with some Christmas tunes to get into “the spirit”, but nonstop is a little bit too much for me. So I’ll be sticking to my Apple Music playlists with a few Christmas songs sprinkled in. However, there is one Christmas song that I’m completely ok with and will play on repeat...see above!

TASTES. Thanksgiving Day Meal. The biggest day for overeating finally arrived! While the typical Thanksgiving Day meal isn’t necessarily my favorite, I am a fan of meals with my family. I ate some of the standard fare - turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and splurged a little (lot) with a piece of pumpkin pie, some chocolate dessert, and some candy. Thanks to the desserts and candy, my tastebuds were more than satisfied for the day!