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Fest Season is Here!

September in New England is arguably the best month of the year. The weather is reasonable on both ends of the spectrum: you can get the joy of cool (not chilly) mornings with the promise of sun and pleasant warmth in the afternoon. Rain doesn’t lead to humidity. At night, you can sleep with the window open and a blanket on. You can enjoy the outdoors without fear of sweating through your tee shirt.

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Live Event Marketing Across the Internet

A marketing trend within the last year or so has been to market online events as if they’re a live event to behold. Most recently, Amazon’s Prime Day, which is a day of discounts provided by the e-commerce conglomerate, previously a single day, now is two whole days including a three-act concert and celebrity host. Prime Day has been used as a promotional tool for Amazon since the launch of the Prime platform in 2014, but the 2019 Prime Day extravaganza that has been planned is a next-level day of deals. Prime Day has now become the Cyber Monday of July.

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Event Recap: October Social Media Breakfast Maine

One of our favorite networking events is  Social Media Breakfast Maine, held once a month in Portland. We went to October’s event last week and wanted to recap it for you. The topic was ‘Stepping Up Your Digital Advertising Game’. It’s always great to hear fresh perspectives on such a dense topic. It felt especially relevant because we have been talking with more and more clients about how to best use their budgets on paid media efforts.

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