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Social Media is Meant to be Social

Social Media is a powerful tool to disperse information, but might have lost the first part of its name when used for business. At the root of what social media was designed for is conversation. People interacting with people, which has always been part of the charm that attracted users to business profiles on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. A folly of businesses in this era of social media being increasingly more prevalent in marketing is turning social media into a one-way communication stream, rather than a two-way conversation.

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Social Media Strategy vs. Brand Strategy

I was listening to a podcast last week featuring a creative director of a beer-focused branding agency. At one point during his conversation with the host, he said something along the lines of, ‘Whenever a client asks me about a social media strategy, I have to correct them and say there’s no such thing as a social media strategy. You have a brand strategy and social media is a set of tools to carry out that strategy.’ Is he right?

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