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The Influencer Marketing Conundrum

We’ve been talking about influencers a lot here at KYC. Influencer marketing is hugely popular in a number of industries right now, craft beer being one of those, which is how we really became involved in the tactic. However, as we speak with brewery owners and managers, we’re hearing more and more that they simply don’t want to be involved with influencers. Part of this opposition to influencer marketing is lack of knowledge as to what influencer marketing really is (it’s not all high-priced relationships with D-list celebrities), but some of it is well-informed opinion that the tactic isn’t beneficial for breweries.

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How a Surprising New Social Media Platform Could be Useful

TikTok is no longer just a 2009 pop-hit by Kesha, it’s taking the social media sphere surprisingly by storm. Following failing performances by similar apps such as Vine and, both of which have been shut down, TikTok is emerging not only as a video platform for young people, but a tool for companies with a younger audience. 

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The Importance of Consistency on Social Media

There’s a lot that goes into developing and executing social media strategies. Each platform is unique, which means that the content published to each should not be exactly the same across all channels. The followers that are found on Twitter are vastly different than the followers found on Instagram or Pinterest, meaning it is important that companies understand how to create strategies that will resonate with each specific audience.

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