An Email Marketing Resurgence + Updates from MailChimp to Make Email Even Easier

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We’re in the middle of an email marketing resurgence right now. Contrary to the many claims from so called experts only a few short years ago, the function is not dead. Quite the opposite actually. For many companies, at least those doing it well, it’s a thriving part of their marketing mix.
However, this isn’t the email marketing that your mother or father know (or even your older sister or brother). Smart marketers are no longer using email as simply a distribution tool to drive clicks to some other platform. Driven by the success seen from emails sent by digital publishers such as The Ringer (especially prior to its site launch) and Lenny Letter, marketers have realized that email can be both a communications platform and a distribution tool.
Good emails now contain actual content, not just clicks. We’re seeing entire articles, often found either exclusively in that email newsletter or first published in it, rather than one or two sentence excerpts with a call to action. Why? Email had to adjust after social media became such a dominant focus of consumer attention. If someone could find the same content and the same calls to action on Twitter or Facebook or a blog that they were seeing in an email newsletter, why would they continue subscribing to the newsletter? At that point the newsletter just became junk clogging up their inbox.
Publishers and brands that recognized that this change was needed, and saw the opportunity it could bring to do email differently, have email programs that are now flourishing.
Could your email program use a kick-start? Think about how you could use it to connect with customers and prospects more closely. Think of it as a source of content, rather than a mechanism for distribution. If you provide more value to people through your emails, you’ll notice that when you do mix in clicks, your click rates (and even taking it further, your conversion rates) will increase.
MailChimp Gives Everyone Free Marketing Automation
Earlier this month, MailChimp announced that it’s marketing automation features are now free for all users. If you’re a MailChimp user, you can find the new functionality in your Automation tab.
What does this mean?
You don’t need to manually send all your emails any longer. Automation will help you send the right message to the right people at the right time. It can provide a nice boost to help you stay in consistent contact with your customers at all phases of the purchase cycle.
MailChimp has automations set up for specific industries: e-commerce/retail, nonprofit, education, music, and software. They also have list activity automations and data automations, and provide you with the ability to develop custom automations that work best for your business.
If you’d like to learn more about MailChimp’s new automation features, check out their guide to getting started with automation. If you’d like to see if a larger email program is right for your business, drop me a line and we can discuss it.