Event Recap: October Social Media Breakfast Maine

For the team at KYC, one of the most important aspects of servicing our clients is making sure we stay on top of current trends in marketing. To do that, we spend a lot of time behind the scenes researching, reading books and attending networking/industry events. One of our favorite events is  Social Media Breakfast Maine, held once a month in Portland. Each month’s event focuses on a different topic from the social media realm with two speakers presenting their perspectives.


We went to October’s event last week and wanted to recap it for you. The topic was ‘Stepping Up Your Digital Advertising Game’. It’s always great to hear fresh perspectives on such a dense topic. It felt especially relevant because we have been talking with more and more clients about how to best use their budgets on paid media efforts.


Scott Warren was the first presenter. He runs an online advertising agency in Maine. Scott’s presentation focused on how to build a campaign focused on targeting local customers. He talked about going beyond just boosting a post to retargeting your audience with ads. He used a fictitious local coffee shop as an example, which made a lot of sense because you shouldn’t spend money on a national advertising campaign to get people to come into your coffee shop in Portland, Maine. He started walking us through the process by using a video post as an example since they are so popular right now. What Facebook allows you to do is target your audience that watched your video for more than 3 seconds. Remember, 6 seconds is the average attention span for videos online, which is why the NFL is testing out 6 second commercials this fall. From there, you can retarget the audience that watched your video for more than 3 seconds based on how many miles they are from your business. Just one mile from this faux coffee shop was 20,000 people! This process is definitely cost effective and smart, especially for a local business.


The second speaker was Madison McKinley who works as a marketing strategist for an agency in Portland. She focused on company websites and how to make sure your landing pages are on point and helping to get your customers into the sales funnel. While her talk focused on web pages, the idea was how to maximize the results of your paid ads once you have successfully gotten your audience from a social media platform to your website. She talked about three steps of your landing page development. The first step is to define the four W’s--who your website is for, what they want, where they are and why they came to your page. Once you have those parameters clearly defined, you can move onto the next step of crafting the specific content. Based on the answers from the first step, your content should aim to supply your audience with information that they will need, answer questions that they will have and describe your value proposition. The last step is to develop and design your landing page based off of the information you collected and answers you came up with. The key in this step is to not overwhelm your audience and to be sure to present the information in a clear and concise way. As you let your pages live, you need to trust the preparation and research you did to build your landing page. If you make any improvements, they should be made based off of information you’ve collected, not driven by a feeling that you have.


Overall it was a really great event! It was cool to get out there and hear people talk about topics that we talk to our clients about on a daily basis. It’s also exciting to be in a room full of people who are eager to learn, ask questions and share ideas about best practices in social media.