Consumed This Week - 11.3.17

Lake Effect Brewing Company's Lake Huron Blueberry Berlinerweisse

Lake Effect Brewing Company's Lake Huron Blueberry Berlinerweisse

Today we launch a new column on our blog called Consumed This Week. Each week, a member of the team will highlight words, sights, sounds, and tastes he or she encountered that week. These are the things that inspired us, influenced us, and made us think during the week.

WORDS.  “Insurance is the new beer – it’s a category full of great creative work and big budgets.” This quote from Brian McPherson really hit me because it brought together the two industries that we probably most focus on. I’ll ignore the fact that two components of the statement just aren’t true. Great creative work? In insurance? Like all of insurance, even mutuals? And where’s he seeing big budgets?

SIGHTS. Careers being made (maybe?). I watched the nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 this week. I was a big fan of season one and actually think this second season was even better. The actors, especially the child actors, showed more range and depth this season. My favorites were Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Joe Keery (Steve).

SOUNDS. Only two goldfish in seven years. I listen to the West Wing Weekly, a podcast about the former TV show, the West Wing. On the most recent episode I listened to, hosts Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina spoke with Ellen Totleben, the former show’s set decorator. She revealed that during the series' life, only two goldfish were ever used to play Gail, the goldfish CJ kept on her desk. That’s crazy. Don’t they usually only have a life expectancy of about a week? Or is that just my experience from childhood?

TASTES. Blueberry pastry. At least that’s what I got from Lake Huron Blueberry Berlinerweisse, a new beer I tried from Chicago’s Lake Effect Brewing Company. The lactobacillus (sourness) of a berlinerweisse can often take over a beer, but that wasn’t the case here. The blueberry taste still came through, as well as delightful buttery honey notes.