The Power of Video

Video has quickly become one of the most vital visual assets a company can have. Consumers today are influenced mainly by visuals, and in an age of social media, the visual presence of a brand makes an impact. Video has become the next step in the visual evolution.

One of the most successful case studies of video being used as a powerhouse marketing tool is the food publication Bon Appetit. Within the last year, they have increased the resources allocated to their YouTube channel and video production, and it has done wonders for them.

In the past, the publication had a specific audience that was stable, but it limited its outside reach. The food industry has been one of the most impacted by this visual revolution, Instagram being one of the largest catalysts of this.

Bon Appetit has managed to capitalize on several aspects that people look for in video, especially on YouTube. They have managed to capture the personalities of each video producer, keeping the audience returning to new videos, and easy instructional videos filling that need for the casual cook. Adding a new element to their online brand, they even have instructional or challenge videos that  offer entertainment beyond the original target market.

A few months ago, one of their strongest personalities took a short hiatus from producing videos. This caused an internet uproar. She has since come back stronger than ever and brought a spike in subscribers with her.

This video success has managed to bring the publication not only high levels of awareness in online communities, but monetization. From sponsorship, ad revenue, and new conversions, Bon Appetit has demonstrated the power of video marketing.

While these principles are being applied on a large scale with this publication, they are easily  scalable. YouTube is a powerful resource, but Instagram is also a useful platform to release video content, or even high quality visuals. Hard posts, stories, or IGTV all are viable methods to release a message. Even a quickly edited video can catch a consumer’s eye, bringing them into awareness, and eventually conversion.

Aidan Intemann