Consumed This Week - 11.17.17

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Here's Lindsey's 'Consumed This Week'. This is what inspired her, influenced her, and made her think during this past week.


WORDS.  The 5 Love Languages. I’m putting intentional effort to incorporate casual reading into my normal routine as a way to unwind from everyday life and disconnect from technology. As a result, I’ve begun to read this book, not only because it comes highly recommended by everyone, but because I have a genuine interest in understanding people. I love how different one person is to the next, and how we have to sometimes adapt ourselves to really connect with others. My hopes in reading this book is to come away with more understanding of our differences not only in love, but as a general principle for all of life’s interactions.

SIGHTS. Christmas stuff. Everywhere. I’m a huge advocate of appreciating and enjoying the present, so my anxiety kicks in when I see Christmas stuff all over the place anywhere before Thanksgiving. I do like Christmas and I will be ready for it once December hits, but for now I’d like to make it through a delicious meal with my family at Thanksgiving and finish out the fall season with changing leaves and orange pumpkins. After that, I’ll be onboard with all things Christmas(including maybe embracing some snowfall, if I don’t have to drive anywhere).

SOUNDS. Laughter. It’s absolutely my favorite sound and I heard a lot of it this past weekend. I met up with two friends from high school and we had a blast. Of course it was a slightly different feel, with both of them having children there, but it was so great to spend time together. We talked about everything from what’s happening now on a daily basis to “remember when…” approximately one million times. It was a wonderful afternoon of conversation and laughter.

TASTES. Holiday Spice Flat White at Starbucks. IT’S BACK! Well it’s probably been back for a while, but I finally bought one this year. I know it’s reallyyyyy bad for me, and I usually don’t buy drinks like this, but there’s just something special about this drink. The Holiday Spice mixture is perfect for this time of year and drinking a Flat White brings me back to the two amazing years I spent living in Australia.