LinkedIn Native Video Offers New Possibilities for Marketers

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Have you noticed that your LinkedIn mobile app now offers you the ability to upload videos and photos? It’s an option alongside leaving a regular text-based post. See the video and camera icons:


Over the last few months, LinkedIn has been gradually rolling this feature out to users. Very similar to capabilities offered by Facebook, the new functionality allows users to upload a video or photo from their phone, or to record a video/take a pic directly from the LinkedIn app. Unlike Facebook, they don’t allow a live recording - at least not yet. That’s expected to be offered in the near future.
Right now this native video ability is limited to only people. Company pages aren’t able to use it - yet. This also is expected to be offered in the near future.
We talked in an earlier Scribble about the options marketers have of using polished video or raw video. This gives them yet another option for that raw-style of video that’s become popular lately.
LinkedIn native video could be very impactful for B2B marketers. Many have been using Facebook’s video functionality, especially Facebook Live, simply due to lack of other options for producing cheap, quick, raw video. It's a popular content format and Facebook’s in-stream videos were a cleaner look than linking to a YouTube video. The Live capabilities also offered nice follower engagement opportunities.
With LinkedIn now offering native video, I could see many moving away from Facebook in favor of LinkedIn. This will almost certainly happen when the functionality is rolled out to Company pages and Live video recordings are offered.
Even without those though, the ability for people to upload a video directly to LinkedIn is enticing to think about as a marketer. Imagine some of the possibilities:

  • A product manager could upload a video directly to his/her feed talking about an announcement or showing a product demo, answering questions or giving additional context in the comment section.
  • An executive could do a Q&A from his/her personal feed, announcing the Q&A in advance and taking questions via comments. Then they could film the video, addressing the questions they received, and upload it directly to their account.
  • Company videos could be distributed to employees to share on their personal feeds.
  • Think beyond products - if you’ve created a cool piece of content as part of a lead gen or marketing campaign, a video could be a unique way to show it. A number of companies have created things like ROI calculators. Film a video walking through how it works. Film a preview of a webinar or a white paper and in the comments, direct people to the link where they can download the full piece of content.
  • Another example of thinking beyond products - film a presentation you gave at a conference. At that conference, you reached a limited number of people. Recording your session in your office (since most conferences prohibit recording anything at the conference) can help you reach an entirely new (and larger) audience.
  • Or maybe you proposed a session that wasn’t chosen for a conference. Record it and post it to LinkedIn. It’s a way to still take advantage of the idea you had. 

We’ll be talking with relevant clients about LinkedIn native video much more in the coming weeks. It could make a valuable addition to many programs. But if you have questions now, send them over to us!


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