Leave Your Mark

Today we launched the next iteration of Kevin York Communications with an evolution of our brand identity that focuses on our website, logo, tagline, and colors.

As a team, we decided to refresh our identity because when I started Kevin York Communications, I was working as a solo consultant with aspirations to transition those efforts into an agency. My vision was a team that was diverse in both experience and skillsets that could complement mine. Rather than wait for the time when those people would join, I started branding what would eventually become an agency. The look and feel of our original brand was based on me, and me alone (though I did get feedback and ideas from others: family, friends, and Hoa at Second Lunch Studios - still one of our partners to this day - who created the whole visual design of our original brand).

Now that we are truly an agency, we needed something that was more representative of all of us. I also wanted to give Jenna the opportunity to leave her mark (pun intended) on the agency as our creative director. What you see from us today is the culmination of months and months of planning, ideation, and work.

We’re still Kevin York Communications. No changes there. But if you’ve ever worked with us, you probably notice we refer to ourselves as KYC about 99% of the time. Part of that is for simplicity and brevity - Kevin York Communications is a mouthful. However, there was thought that went into the abbreviation back when we started using it. “Know Your Customer”, abbreviated as KYC, is a process used by businesses, especially banks, for compliance reasons. Now we’re obviously not a business driven by compliance, but the term “know your customer” really resonated with us. We’re a client-centric agency and getting to know our clients is core to who we are. We don’t just know those we directly work with; we often know many of their colleagues and employees, sometimes even spouses, kids, and friends. The KYC concept really describes us, and is conveniently also a way to abbreviate our name. You’ll continue to hear KYC from us.

The Tagline

We liked our previous tagline, “Blur the lines. Embrace the gray.” However, we realized it was a motto that was really aimed more at people who have worked in marketing and communications for years. It was meant to be a rally call for deconstructing the traditional silos that form around marketing functions and often limit collaboration among them, as well as creativity. But many of our clients haven’t worked in marketing for lengthy periods of time. They’re entrepreneurs. They’re business executives. They’re multi-functional leaders with broad responsibilities that sometimes go far outside of traditional marketing. They’re small business owners. While many found the old tagline cool or inspirational, it wasn’t necessarily conveying what we wanted.

The new tagline, “Leave your mark”, speaks more to our client focus. While we still blur the lines between the conventional marketing silos of traditional PR, social media, and content marketing, the reason we do that is to best help clients leave lasting impact on the audiences they’re targeting. In other words, we do it to help our clients leave their mark.

The Logo and Look

The big K really reinforces the KYC brand. Its extension bursting out of the circle represents our focus on getting out of traditional methods of thinking. Knocking down silos. Thinking outside the box. The curves of the K and the circle also give a modern look to the logo, appropriate for a modern agency.

In using the tagline Leave Your Mark, it opened up a cool opportunity for us to use graffiti in some of our designs. You see it on our website, you see it in our bio photos, and you’ll see it more from us in various ways in the future.

The Colors


While we liked our old gray and purple, the shades were relatively dark. Chalk that up to my personal preference. In evolving the brand, we wanted to keep purple, but go with a brighter shade. You’ll see all of our colors are now more vibrant, more energetic, more in line with the experience we bring to client relationships.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of work went into all of this. So much work. Big shouts out to Lindsey, Kayla, Jason, and especially Jenna for all they did to bring this to fruition. This is a really big day for us and we hope you like the new look KYC as much as we do.