Keep It Simple: An Approach to Modern Marketing

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Bright colors, bold font, and eccentric messaging seem to dominate the marketing campaigns of the 21st century. Marketers find themselves under increasing pressure to discover creative, out-of-the-box strategies that promote products and services to a vast array of audiences.


While loud marketing tactics can be employed and achieve success, sometimes taking a simplistic campaign route may yield greater results.


Lately, I’ve been questioning if marketers truly understand Millennials. A lot of articles will say the generation is burned out and overstimulated, which makes me wonder why defaulting to disruptive marketing tactics would work. For a generation that has driven the minimalist lifestyle trend, it seems counterintuitive to market in a way that does not align with this.


Fortunately, not all organizations are choosing a flashy marketing campaign. For the first time in 30 years, Dum Dums lollipops has launched a campaign that focuses on simple moments that its multigenerational audience can relate to.


Considering it’s been 30 years since its last marketing campaign, it’s safe to say that Dum Dums has achieved the pinnacle of brand recognition. The candy maker’s lollipops reach both children and adults, plus it spans multiple industries, as the colorful treats are often found anywhere from hair salons to doctor offices.


The “Make Life Pop” campaign utilizes black and white drawings that interact with the lollipops that add the color to the company’s messaging. From fish to bouquets of flowers, the lollipops become more than just a tasty treat.


This is simplicity that’s so creative it breaks through the noise of other campaigns. There are no flashy colors or dramatic music. The candy is used to tell stories that focus on the memories of its customers, rather than itself.  


Bold marketing does not always require being loud or eccentric. Sometimes the greatest impact can be made by a campaign that leaves room for the audience to fill-in the blanks.