Incorporating Your Customers Into Your Product Development

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Last week MassPrinting, a KYC client, held its first user technology summit in Cambridge, MA, and we joined them for the day to provide support.

The document output solutions provider invited a small group of its closest clients from around the country to join them for a day of discussion about technology in the insurance industry. MassPrinting has been planning and developing several new solutions to offer to clients and wanted to get feedback on the direction they're headed.

User/customer groups like this are a great way to get feedback from your customers on new products and solutions you're creating. If you invite customers that you have strong, close relationships with, they'll likely be willing to give the type of feedback you're looking for.

User/customer meetups also provide a number of other benefits:

  • They strengthen overall relationships with your customers, which can be helpful when you need a customer reference for something, such as an award or media interview. Get away from the office or the conference room and do something fun with them. They'll remember this and the relationship you started to form with them away from the regular work.
  • If a customer isn't local and has to travel, view that as an opportunity. Are there are other marketing activities you could plan while the customer's in town? Would they film a video testimonial, for example? Are there other areas of the relationship you'd like to get their feedback on, maybe even pitch a new product to them? You could pack a lot into 1-2 days. 
  • Your customers can talk with each other. This is really impactful and shouldn't be underestimated. Your customers have a lot they can learn from each other. In this situation, sometimes your customers can even be your best salespeople, informing others about products they're using and why they like them.

MassPrinting did all this and more at their first user technology summit. Here are a few pics from the day, including from the suite at Fenway Park where they treated everyone to the Red Sox-Twins game following the summit.


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