Are You Consistently Targeting Your Social Media Content?

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When running a sponsored content campaign, targeting matters a great deal. Since you’re spending money on it, you want to reach the right people - a specific geographic region, industry, or when micro-targeting, even people at a specific company.
But what about all the organic content you’re publishing that doesn’t have paid efforts behind it? Is targeting as much of a priority with that content?
When a social media strategy is being developed, a lot of thought goes into the purpose of each channel and mapping content to those different purposes. You use Twitter one way, while using Facebook another way, with specific (and different) types of content for each.
Over time, those approaches tend to decay a bit and the demarcation separating how you use each channel becomes blurred. There’s a tendency to broaden the approach of each channel, sometimes so much that they begin to look similar. We’ve seen and heard this from a number of companies. The reasons vary from not having enough content for multiple completely unique channels to increasing internal requests to promote pieces of content everywhere.
Today’s suggestion is a reminder that every piece of content published should be targeted - at a unique audience, for a specific channel, and/or at a certain stage of the buying cycle. And for those of you who work at a company where we handle your content, we’re going to take our own advice and make sure it’s something that’s always top of mind for us.
Content is the lifeblood of a social media program. As you’re developing it, it should always be targeted.

Kevin YorkComment