Polished vs. Raw Video

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Many know that video is one of the better performing content types on social media (at least when it’s done well), but there are two very different types of video you could produce. One is very highly polished with great production value that involves a good amount of resources. The other is a more in-the-moment, raw video that’s low on production value and resources.
Both have their places and both can be engaging, but how do you know when and where to use them?
Since we’ve handled both types for clients (managing, directing, and scripting the high production videos and doing everything for the raw, less produced ones), I thought we have good perspective to share to address that question.
When making your decision, it really comes down to just a couple factors - resources/budget and the look you’re wanting for the video.
The resources and budget aspect is pretty self explanatory, but one point I will make is that sometimes your resources are not based on budget, but rather your location when a moment for a video presents itself. Let’s say you’re a large company with lots of resources, but you’re at a tradeshow and something happens you couldn’t plan for. Maybe a competitor presents an opportunity that you feel you could capitalize on through an immediate video. Though you’re a large company, you may not have the resources in that moment to create something with high production value, but you may have someone with a smartphone. In that moment, the phone is good enough because the important thing is capitalizing on the opportunity.
The look you want from a video can also vary by moment. Sure, there are some brands whose visual look is very informal, very grainy, very raw. They may not ever want to do a highly produced video. Most brands can fill different needs by using different video types though. A brand trying to show that it’s growing and becoming more competitive in its industry may want to use video as a way to help convey that. For that brand, in that moment, high production value is important. Maybe a large brand wants to show that it’s really listening to its audience and connecting with them. Something more raw, maybe even a Facebook Live video, could make the most sense in that instance.   
There isn’t really a right or wrong answer, so don’t overthink it. And, of course, if you are starting to think about video, you can always ask us. That’s what we’re here for.        


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