KYC Establishes Partnership with Hop Culture

As part of our ongoing efforts to build our brand in the craft alcohol market, KYC recently launched a partnership with Hop Culture, a craft beer digital property dedicated to keeping people up to date on the trending craft beer world - from the best beer cities of 2018 to the latest on pastry stouts.

We got to know Kenny, Travis, John, and the Hop Culture team after pitching them stories on behalf of clients over the past few years. When they hosted the Spooky Brews beer festival in Boston at the end of October, it gave us a chance to finally meet in person and share a few beers together.

Recently, Hop Culture has extended its brand by turning their considerable experience and brand as industry experts into service offerings that help breweries plan and execute craft beer events, build national influencer programs, and craft an overall brand. With KYC’s experience building long-lasting media relations programs and national awareness, we all felt like it made sense for the two organizations to establish a more formal relationship.

Hop Culture and KYC overlap in some areas, but effectively provide complementary services. Hop Culture has great name-brand recognition, can get more national influencer eyes on a brewery’s product and website, and have become experts in planning successful beer events. KYC helps our clients play the long game - telling continuous stories, earning local and national media attention, and ensuring that the social media strategy is consistent and goal-driven.

We feel like this partnership is a win-win for Hop Culture and KYC since it provides each of us with additional expertise to help our clients.