Millennials: The Latest Buzzword in Marketing

From finance to insurtech, to retail to hospitality, it seems that every industry is trying to answer the same exact question: how do we appeal to millennials?


Nearly every day I come across another article that attempts to explain the mystery of the millennial. More facts, more figures, more assumptions, more questions. There are countless materials dedicated to understanding the largest working generation in the United States.


As a millennial myself, I find a number of these articles intriguing to read: from a marketer’s standpoint, and from my own personal one as I gauge how these assumptions may be true or false.


When it comes down to it, however, the content of the articles isn’t what is driving traffic to the companies posting them. While so many are attempting to understand millennials, marketers have jumped on the fact that simply mentioning “millennials” in the copy of any article, ad, webinar, or blog has a return on engagement from followers.


Buzzwords have long been an item in the marketer’s toolbox. The words drive engagement and SEO, while also ahighlighting areas within different industries that are being driven by thought-leadership.


By utilizing buzzwords, marketers can help drive traffic to the content being produced and placed before followers; however, just because buzzwords generate engagement does not mean they should be used with content that lacks substance. If a buzzword is going to be utilized, be sure that the content behind it holds up and provides relevant, accurate information.