Social Media is Everything (If You Do It Right)

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As internet content evolved beyond websites and email, social media platforms have emerged. The most powerful part of these platforms actually comes from it’s name - social. Instinctively, we want to know what others are doing, whether it’s selling a product, offering a service, boasting an accomplishment or award, or announcing a new hire. As the impact of social media has increased, it’s important to realize that your social media plan will only be successful if it’s personalized to your company’s goals. What works for one does not always work for all, despite how it may look online.
As an educated professional, you know that time is one of your most precious commodities. If you aren’t maximizing your time, then you’re minimizing your results. Social media can be the biggest time-waster if you aren’t doing it correctly and aligning it to your company's goals. Let’s look at a few ways companies waste time with social media and how they can fix it.
Joining too many social platforms. Almost no company can successfully be on all platforms. Also, there is no must-have platform, regardless of what you may have heard - the most common being, “You have to be on Facebook to be considered a legitimate business”. Not true. Don’t believe it. What you need to do is decide firstly where your audience is, and secondly how you can reach them with maximum impact. If you don’t understand a platform personally, don’t use it professionally. Worst case, if you try a platform and realize it doesn’t fit your goals, don’t abandon it without sunsetting the account. Let your audience know that this account is no longer active and that they can find you on ____ (insert platform(s) here) instead.
Set it and forget it. Wait, what? There is absolutely no point in creating a presence on a social platform if you aren’t going to provide consistent updates. The definition of consistent is highly personal to your business. This is something you need to consider when designing your social media plan, and more importantly, something you hold yourself (or an employee) accountable to complete. Without this regularity, your audience and engagement will dwindle.
Let’s touch on the opposite - posting just to post. If your content doesn’t offer something of value to your audience, then your efforts are being wasted. Every piece of your content should have an intended purpose or impact. If you’re posting just to have your company name show up in someone’s feed, that’s all your post will accomplish. In that case, they may look at you as spam clogging up their feed, resulting in your updates being hidden. Worse yet, they may unfollow you.
My company has 100,000+ Likes/Followers, I’m good! While Likes are important in popularity contests, we need to make sure we’re looking at the right metrics for your goals. Even if your objective is to expand awareness, it’s highly unlikely your main goal is to just have your audience Like your page. Important metrics to look at are also dependent on your goals, but some of the typical ones are link clicks, comments, shares, and reach/impressions. Keep these in mind when creating your content for social promotions.

Are you struggling to get your social media plan started? Or do you recognize some of these faults in your plan, but aren’t sure how to fix them? A good way to start maximizing your efforts is to follow the advice above. If changing your social media approach seems too overwhelming, you may want to consider hiring a social media expert to either help establish your social media plan or to fully manage it for you. These individuals have already wasted plenty of their own time testing different approaches, so they won’t waste yours!

Unsure if this issue impacts you? When tossing it back and forth in your head, just keep in mind - time is one thing we invest that we can never get back.

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