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Opinion: Mindful Events

I recently attended the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference (henceforth referred to as BMTC) in beautiful Boise, Idaho. First, let me reemphasize something that might have been lost in my opening statement: Beautiful Boise. The gem state’s capital is a hip, walkable city with an abundance of diverse restaurants and 22 breweries within the greater city limits. Also, the poutine is divine. You can ask me why directly. I respond promptly to emails.

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Social Media Strategy vs. Brand Strategy

I was listening to a podcast last week featuring a creative director of a beer-focused branding agency. At one point during his conversation with the host, he said something along the lines of, ‘Whenever a client asks me about a social media strategy, I have to correct them and say there’s no such thing as a social media strategy. You have a brand strategy and social media is a set of tools to carry out that strategy.’ Is he right?

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