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KYC at the Great American Beer Festival 2019

Last week and weekend, Scott and I attended the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. It provided us with a great opportunity to get some in person meetings with reporters from the beer media world. We met up with quite a few of them, including editors and writers for Craft Beer & Brewing, Good Beer Hunting, Hop Culture, October, and The Takeout. We also were able to get face time with people from the beer Instagram world.

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Fest Season is Here!

September in New England is arguably the best month of the year. The weather is reasonable on both ends of the spectrum: you can get the joy of cool (not chilly) mornings with the promise of sun and pleasant warmth in the afternoon. Rain doesn’t lead to humidity. At night, you can sleep with the window open and a blanket on. You can enjoy the outdoors without fear of sweating through your tee shirt.

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Point-of-View: It’s Just Beer, Right?

I recently spent a few days with my family in beautiful Carlsbad, California, about 30 minutes north of San Diego (one of the largest producers of craft beer in the country). Family obligations and a busy schedule kept me from even a fraction of the brewery-bopping that I would have otherwise loved to do. However, I was fortunate enough to steal away a few minutes to visit one of the great mainstays of the SoCal craft beer world, The Lost Abbey.

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