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The Sustaining Value of Physical Collateral

In the digital age, everything has switched to just a tap away on a phone screen. We have plane tickets on our phones, coupons are on there, and we can even store credit card information and pay without even touching a wallet. Digital is easy, close to any information you’re looking for is simply a few taps away. But to use a quote from DisneyPixar’s “The Incredibles” just a little out of context, “When everyone is special, no one is.” And while it has become vastly more convenient to use digital platforms, the art of physical collateral has become a distinguishing factor.

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Creating a Great User Experience: Amazon's Lessons in Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most lucrative methods of reaching a wide audience. While certain demographics listen more closely across other platforms, email remains to be a powerful method to reach a full market. Throughout the past four years, since the launch of Prime, Amazon has taken control of the e-commerce world, and its email marketing is one of its strongest tools. Operationally, it has its business down to a science, but that means nothing if word doesn’t spread to its consumers.

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