The Importance of a Fully-Managed Social Media Program

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I find it beneficial to look back at bookmarked articles to see how marketing is evolving and to make sure I’m keeping up. This article from November 2015, 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Fully-Managed Social Media Marketing, is definitely worth a revisit.
I’d like to further define fully-managed by stating the importance of social media being a full time responsibility and more importantly, a priority. If I thought social media was a big deal in 2015, you can only imagine how I feel about it now in 2017.
I realize this article was written by a marketing agency, but that really doesn’t invalidate the message and sound points. Please feel free to read the full article, but in the meantime, I’ve recapped them below with some of my brief thoughts included.
1. Your time should be spent running your business
This is a given. If you own your company you have much larger tasks to complete; and if you’re trying to do an effective social media plan at the same time, the results of at least one task will suffer. This also applies to those with hybrid titles, i.e. a Director of Sales, Business Development, and Marketing. If your sole responsibility is not social media, then you’re being spread too thin.
2. Social allows you to build your brand in a non-intrusive way
This is your opportunity to showcase your brand and/or product in an interesting way. Develop and post content that is relevant to your company offerings, but isn’t a straight sales pitch. Encourage followers to share their experience with your brand or product in creative ways. Design a contest even!
3. Social media marketing creates brand supporters and promoters
Once you have a loyal following, your reach will spread. Most people on social media are sharing posts on their feeds, tagging friends in interesting posts, or tagging companies for their friends to see. This viral spread will continue the more you actively engage your followers with unique, interesting, and consistent content. You can also start to explore the option of influencer marketing.
4. Social media marketing can generate leads and sales 24/7
This isn’t only for global, online, or 24/7 operating companies. With people being on their phones all hours of the day, as well as in all regions of the world, your audience is constantly available. Even if your company doesn’t provide a global service or product, your reach could gain global attention and engagement. Again, engagement is the end goal as this will encourage loyalty and followers.
5. You can create real meaningful engagements via social media that can’t be duplicated via traditional advertising
I touched on this in number 2, but social media is an unmatched way of reaching and engaging with your audience (and beyond). Social media is just that - social. The engagement is not only encouraged, but expected. When your audience feels like your company is more human and they build a personal connection, they are more likely to engage with you and encourage friends to do the same.
6. You get valuable audience insight from social media
Here’s the tricky part. For better or for worse, social media is not a set it and forget it. It’s important to design a plan that you think will work, test it out, collect and analyze the results, and then adjust your plan, if necessary. This is also the part that makes us all realize how much time is really necessary to create and manage an effective social media plan.
This can be wrapped up by saying that honestly, you’re going to reach the majority of your audience through social media whether you realize it or not. Our society is on their cell phones, or some other wifi-ready device, the better part of the day; and while some may be playing a game or browsing through their music, you can bet that the majority of them are on some form of social media looking for the next shiny object to catch their attention.


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