Social Media Trends for 2018

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I recently read the article, 4 Social Media Trends You Need to Know About for Next Year. It included many ideas that should be considered or at least be on your radar. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  1. Chatbots

Customer service has always been (or at least should be) the number one priority for any business. Without customers, you have no business. So in our world of instant gratification, let’s welcome Chatbots! As customer service evolves to more instant forms of communication such as social media platforms, it can be hard to keep up manually. These Chatbots are designed to provide automated customer service conversations to assist inquiries. While this method has been seen before, it is now entering the social media landscape. And you’d be wise to hop onboard. Some tools to help you with Chatbots can be found here.

  1. Entirely mobile-focused strategy

Our society as a whole is almost never without our mobile device(s). There are several social media platforms that are mobile-only (think SnapChat). Therefore it makes sense that we’re seeing a trend towards making social media almost entirely mobile-focused, not just mobile-friendly. If your strategy doesn’t utilize a strong mobile element, it’s time to start making the shift. This trend seems almost too obvious not to start working on.

  1. Keeping platforms with similar features

I was told at a young age to always keep in mind that copying someone is the sincerest form of flattery. How does this apply to social media? Well let’s look at the “story” feature created by SnapChat, then copied by Instagram, and now Facebook. While they all offer the same basic function through their story feature, each platform still has other strong benefits to support its use. Demographics are one huge piece of this argument. We are smart enough to realize that much of your audience is engaging across several platforms, but it would be foolish to think that you can reach everyone through only one. Keep your strategy across all selected platforms, but make sure you’re able to keep up with them in frequency and quality of content. Also, be sure to offer some variety with content specific to one platform over the others so your audience has a reason to follow all your platforms.  

  1. Incorporating video

There’s a reason why television, movies, and YouTube are so successful - we like to be entertained. Scrolling through your social feed is a form of entertainment, however video brings it to an entirely new level. As more platforms allow the use of video in many capacities, the engagement results are showing strong ROI. And now with many platforms designed for video to begin playing without the viewers having to prompt it, there are no extra steps for the video to be presented. We give two thumbs up to implementing this trend into your strategy.
While we fully encourage you to keep up with social media trends as they appear, the best trends for you personally are the ones that you’re not only going to use, but are willing to master. As with anything, if you aren’t prepared to put the time into the strategy and management of your social media, you aren’t likely to get favorable results, regardless of adopting the newest trend.


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