Live Event Marketing Across the Internet

A marketing trend within the last year or so has been to market online events as if they’re a live event to behold. Most recently, Amazon’s Prime Day, which is a day of discounts provided by the e-commerce conglomerate, previously a single day, now is two whole days including a three-act concert and celebrity host. Prime Day has been used as a promotional tool for Amazon since the launch of the Prime platform in 2014, but the 2019 Prime Day extravaganza that has been planned is a next-level day of deals. Prime Day has now become the Cyber Monday of July.

Prime Day being marketed as an experience and live event has been extremely successful for the organization. It brings awareness, calls consumers to action, and produces extreme revenue spikes. This method of marketing has proven this past year to be extremely successful. 

Earlier this year I wrote about the internet-breaking success of the “thank u, next” music video. Ariana Grande’s music video had been teased in the previous weeks and set up like the Youtube premier was a must-attend event. This strategy worked so well for this video that upon release, so many people watched it that Youtube’s servers began to glitch. This is the only video on record to cause this issue. This video also continues to hold the title for the most views in 24-hours, eight months later with 55.4 million views. 

This strategy has been used throughout the music industry, fueled by celebrities on Twitter creating hype for their work pre-release. It’s also shown to be a profitable technique for the restaurant industry, as seen by Chipotle’s history of creating live events in stores to draw customers in. 

Marketing an event as if it’s live is a technique that’s been used for a long time, but it has recently become a trend in the internet age. Anything can be marketed using excitement, intrigue, and reveal. From deals on Amazon, music videos, and surprise discounted Chipotle, it’s proven to work across industries. Utilizing this strategy could help generate company awareness and create incentives for new customers to convert.