Print - The Comeback Kid?

Print is dead, right?

It’s the narrative we seem to hear wherever we turn. Whether we’re talking about newspapers, magazines, or mail, the resounding verdict seems to be shun paper and go all-in on digital. 

When thinking about Millennials, possibly the most influential demographic group right now when it comes to marketing and product development, the mindset has largely been that they eschew print in favor of the technology they’ve grown up using.

These perceptions may not be the reality, though, when you dig into the topic further.

Consider these findings:

  • Millennials show a greater willingness to pay for a print subscription than a digital subscription

  • 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail campaigns

  • Half of millennials ignore digital advertising and instead pay the greatest attention to direct mail and print advertising


I’m well aware that it’s just as easy to find data that directly contradicts these findings, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

Perhaps most interesting is anecdotal evidence.

KYC has been interviewing college students for an internship position, and during these interviews, I’ve asked the candidates’ for their observations about media consumption among their peers. While Instagram and Snapchat dominated the responses, print also came up quite often - newspapers, magazines, and books.

What does this mean for marketers? Opportunity!

Most companies are moving away from a focus on print mediums, but maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to abandon ship. There could be opportunities there, from company-created quarterly magazines to physical newsletters to the Informed Delivery opportunities available from the United States Postal Service.

A big part of marketing is exploiting gaps in the market. This could be a sizable one.