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The Influencer Marketing Conundrum

We’ve been talking about influencers a lot here at KYC. Influencer marketing is hugely popular in a number of industries right now, craft beer being one of those, which is how we really became involved in the tactic. However, as we speak with brewery owners and managers, we’re hearing more and more that they simply don’t want to be involved with influencers. Part of this opposition to influencer marketing is lack of knowledge as to what influencer marketing really is (it’s not all high-priced relationships with D-list celebrities), but some of it is well-informed opinion that the tactic isn’t beneficial for breweries.

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Point-of-View: It’s Just Beer, Right?

I recently spent a few days with my family in beautiful Carlsbad, California, about 30 minutes north of San Diego (one of the largest producers of craft beer in the country). Family obligations and a busy schedule kept me from even a fraction of the brewery-bopping that I would have otherwise loved to do. However, I was fortunate enough to steal away a few minutes to visit one of the great mainstays of the SoCal craft beer world, The Lost Abbey.

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Point-of-View: The Summer of Seltzer

Last week, I offered my thoughts about the potential (and challenges) for both the hard cider and seltzer markets. This week, I turn my attention back to this interesting trend in beer alternatives, prompted by the recent announcement by Jack’s Abby that they will now be offering small batch hard seltzer in their taprooms. It’s about to get real. It may already have been, but now it has my full attention.

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