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Point-of-View: Beantown Boom

Spring has officially sprung in Boston — insomuch as it ever springs with any consistency in this fair city of mine. The Sox are on (while the Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs), the Marathon has come and gone, and one thing more: The Beer Gardens are coming. Although that particular upward fad in the Boston beer-drinking scene has recently come under some fire, I fully expect to see crowds of people gathering on the Greenway this summer to order some of their favorite hazy IPAs.

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Opinion: Mindful Events

I recently attended the Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference (henceforth referred to as BMTC) in beautiful Boise, Idaho. First, let me reemphasize something that might have been lost in my opening statement: Beautiful Boise. The gem state’s capital is a hip, walkable city with an abundance of diverse restaurants and 22 breweries within the greater city limits. Also, the poutine is divine. You can ask me why directly. I respond promptly to emails.

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Crisis Communications: Why Breweries Should Have a PR Agency

Last week, the Boston Globe published an article detailing the online backlash facing Boston and Canton, MA, based Trillium Brewing following reports of unfair labor practices. It all started when a former employee posted to a BeerAdvocate forum, providing an inside look at the brewery’s labor practices.

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