Content Marketing Case Study

(Paid Social Media)

Fintech Vendor


A Fintech social media program was driven entirely by organic content and activities, limiting the company's reach, and in turn, the leads it could collect through it.

The Fintech company wanted to drive more leads through its social media program to show executives the direct impact the program could have on sales.

Our Solution

KYC recommended a LinkedIn paid media test pilot, putting budget behind the distribution of gated content to see if it would increase the number of leads earned from the content.



    The limited spend test pilot earned 310% more clicks than the average organic LinkedIn post. Of those clicks, 61% converted into leads, providing our client with contact information.

    These results led our Fintech client to implement an ongoing paid media LinkedIn program.

    KYC managed this program, running inter-campaign A/B tests, iterating content, tweaking audience parameters, and analyzing each campaign against each other in order to increase the efficiency of each campaign's budget. These efforts grew the paid media program, producing the following results over time:

    • An average click-through rate of 0.57%, well above LinkedIn's reported average of 0.40%
    • Reducing the average cost-per-click on campaigns by over $3.50
    • On average, converting 67% of clicks into leads