Social Media + Content Marketing Case Study

SS&C Technologies


In the spring of 2016, global financial services software company, SS&C Technologies, turned to KYC to improve its social media program. SS&C had been very aggressive in acquiring companies to round out its solutions portfolio, but in doing so, was left with a number of disparate and inconsistent social accounts with nothing binding them together. The company also faced content problems, with very few people engaging with their owned blog content.

Our Solution

KYC was charged with increasing overall awareness of SS&C online and improving its blog presence. We first created a governance structure for SS&C and all social channels managed by companies they acquired. We merged many of them into SS&C umbrella corporate accounts to provide stakeholders and the public with a better picture of all SS&C could offer. To combat the company’s consistency problem, we created a master content calendar to manage all content coming from SS&C and its sub-brands. We also developed unique approaches for each SS&C social channel so followers would have a different experience on each, leading them to follow the company on all of them.

In addition, we revamped SS&C’s blog program, making a number of aesthetic and readability changes to the blog. We took over blog post planning, feeding post ideas internally, which increased overall output. By taking over all post editing, we improved the quality of posts, from readability and interest perspectives.


In three months, KYC increased SS&C’s overall social following 5%, while also increasing blog post views 796% and blog visitors 855%.